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Welcome to Lenape Limousin. Lenape Limousin is a Fullblood Limousin operation established in 1978 by Harris and Marge Mosher. In 2014, the Moyer family took over the farm, making it a family operation. The cattle operation is located in Telford, Pennsylvania, just thirty miles north of Philadelphia. Lenape Limousin raises Limousin breeding stock and genetics are offered through private treaty.

Blending top notch breeding from the past by using foundation Limousin genetics, with current genetic excellence, Lenape Limousin is helping to improve and enhance the Limousin breed with every breeding.

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Why Choose Limousin Cattle?

Lenape Limousin proudly raises Limousin cattle due to the outstanding breed characteristics, one of which is calving ease. Limousin cattle, known for their low birth weights, lead the cattle industry in calving ease. Incorporating Limousin genetics into your herd will help improve your female's stayability and maternal productivity.

The Limousin breed is also known as the "Carcass Breed" with feed conversion advantages due to lower levels of lean, dressed carcass weight and retail yield. With high yielding, heavy muscling, and healthy tender beef, adding Limousin genetics to your cattle herd will help you hit your targets.

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Lenape Limousin genetics are the perfect combination of foundation Limousin genetics with the excellence of the present.


DL Royal Blood 637J is a son of ELCX Kings Landing 599D ET.  ELCX Kings Landing 599D has been one of the most talked about purebred bulls since he hit the scene. He is a son of MAGS Xyloid and the great WLR Prada female.  His dam is out of the great AUTO King James 162Z.

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A feature donor, Fan-N Dream 50F is a daughter of Orion and a standout at Lenape Limousin by continuously producing outstanding Limousin calves.

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Ray & Barb Moyer
41 Fretz Rd, Telford, PA 18969
Phone: 267-718-0574
Email: lenapelimousin@gmail.com

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