J Bar J Cassie

 JL Colorado Girl & Lenape Boulder

(Colorado 150 x TRAP Aftermath 114C)

Here is just a sample of our herd.  As always, please feel free to contact us if you'd like to come visit the farm.

We are so fortunate to have purchased this pretty heifer from JBarJ and Jack Glendenning.  Her grandmother produced for Lenape until she was 18 years old.  The picture on the left was taken at the National Fullblood Show and the Open Show in Springfield, MO in June 2016, where Cassie won her division!  The picture on the right is of Cassie's first calf born 11/27/2017....a sweet little heifer!  Lenape Envy (Yellowstone x Aftermath) has grown into a beautiful 15 month old.  Looking forward to seeing what she produces for Lenape.

Lenape Boulder (4/7/18) - weaned at 744# at 6 months old.  Adjusted 801#.  He's going to make quite a bull!

Lenape Mayhem (4/7/18) -weaned at 606# at 9 months.

Lenape Boulder 7.5 months. Weight 870#.

Lenape Boulder 8 weeks

Lenape Clarisa (Mayhem's dam)

Lenape Elise (16 months)

Lenape Zuma (Velocity x Aftershock)